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You must be aware that cycling every day is an excellent way of exercising regularly. If you are a beginner in your fitness journey, you would start with basic exercises that are easy and effective. Going for an exercise cycle is a good way of exercising without stepping out of your home. And if you are a beginner, a cycle with stationary handles will be great for you. With such cycles, you can focus on your lower body workout and train properly at home.

If you want to buy a good exercise cycle for your home, we have a list of some of the most popular options available with stationary handles. Have a look at this list and start focusing on your lower body while working out every day.

When it comes to fitness gear, Powermax is a trusted brand offering a variety of gym equipment. This exercise cycle by the brand is apt for beginners who want to work out at home. The stylish design of this cycle with bright colours make it look attractive. The LCD monitor on this cycle displays time, speed, distance, calories and more to let you monitor your progress while you are exercising.

The maximum weight supported by this cycle is 100 kg. The anti-skid foot pedals with adjustable foot straps ensure proper grip when you are cycling.

This exercise cycle by Lifelong can be another durable and affordable option that you can buy online for your exercise sessions at home. This exercise cycle runs on magnetic resistance with low noise to let you work out peacefully. The counterbalanced pedals of this cycle ensure comfort and avoid excess strain on your feet when you are exercising for long.

The height of the seat can easily be adjusted to let you sit comfortably when you are exercising. The handles have a foam grip to ensure a good grip when you are training hard.

Cockatoo is another trusted brand in India that offers a variety of fitness accessories. This exercise cycle by the brand runs on magnetic resistance and can support a maximum weight of 100 kg. With 8 resistance levels, you can easily adjust the intensity of your workout routine whenever you want.

You can easily adjust the height of the seat to ensure comfort. For adjusting the resistance levels, you just need to turn the knob before you start cycling.

Though a bit more expensive as compared to other popular options, this exercise cycle can be another good choice to buy for your home. The monitor displays time, distance and speed to allow you to keep a track of the metrics whenever you are exercising. The maximum user weight for this cycle is 100 kg making it suitable for most of the beginners.

The highlight of this exercise cycle is that it is a foldable one. So, you can save space when you are not exercising making the cycle ideal even for small spaces. You can choose from 8 levels of resistance to easily decide the intensity of your workout.

This exercise cycle by OnlineWorld can be another good choice for beginners who do not want to spend too much. This exercise bike supports a maximum weight of 100 kg and runs on a belt. Since this exercise cycle is made of steel, it is durable enough to withstand regular pressure.

The cycle weighs 13 kg. Just make sure that you position your cycle on flat ground to ensure stability when you are working out.

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