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Get back on track

When you have a new baby or young kids it can be quite a challenge to find a moment to fit in exercise. But Louise believes that, just like Kate, when life is demanding, exercise can actually help make everything seem easier.

“During challenging periods, throwing out all aspects of familiar routine won’t help with our stress management. And actually exercise is something we are able to control,” Louise explains.

Moving our bodies releases feelgood hormones – aka endorphins – which help boost our mood and make us feel more focused. “Carving out some time for exercise can help improve our physical health and strength,” the trainer says.

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Make the time

Louise advises the best workout for busy mums is one that’s enjoyable and can be slotted into individual lifestyles and commitment levels.

“Start small and try to priorities each day,” Louise explains, adding that while it can be daunting at the beginning, that’s when you need to stick with it! “Don’t panic if you have to skip a workout session for childcare reasons. Just pick it back up the next day.”

She also advises new mums to seek advice from their GP doctor about when it’s safe to start exercising and gradually build up intensity as they feel more comfortable.

Kate Middleton


5 Easy At-Home Exercises

Not being able to get out of the house, or having the kids around, isn’t an excuse to avoid training. Louise suggests five easy exercises that can be done anywhere, anytime.


“This is a fun and easy way to get your heart rate up and boost your fitness, stamina and balance.”

Strength training

“Try squats, lunges, push-ups, sit-ups – these exercises use your body weight to tone and improve muscle and bone strength.”


“Great for flexibility, strength and toning. For beginners, there’s lots of online videos you can watch for inspiration.”


“Dancing is a feelgood way to fit in some cardio. Try an online class if you want to learn some structured moves.”


“If you can get outside in the fresh air for even 10 minutes, this is a super mood booster and improves cardiovascular fitness too.”

Kate Middleton


Eat well, feel well

Being at home with round-the-clock access to snacks can scupper even the best-laid diet plans. Louise suggests looking for balance in food choices.

“Make sure that fruit and vegetables are the stars of the show at most meals,” says Louise. “And ensure you include a range of protein sources, such as lean meat, fish and eggs.”

Focus on wholegrain carbs: oats, brown rice and pasta.

“Don’t forget sources of healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts and seeds,” Louise adds. “Use herb and spice to make your food beautiful.”

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