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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) – County Physical Therapy wants to make sure they are servicing their patients during the pandemic. They continue to do so while following state guidelines.

Vice President of Clinical Operations at County Physical Therapy said they needed to decrease the number of people in their space. “We had to really prioritize to get our physical therapy patients in, socially distance them so we had to take our PT equipment, spread it out so we had much more room, between patients while they were exercising on exercise equipment,” Marquis said.

At first, they tried to keep both their physical therapy and fitness center open; however, with the amount of sanitizing that had to be done, it became too costly. So, they shut down the fitness center of their building. Marquis says he’s glad he can still help his patients, but he also misses the fitness crowd.

“Fitness members that you used to come in on a regular basis and talk to their friends, and workout with their friends and exercise with their friends and get healthy its going to be tough to not see those people on a regular basis,” he said.

Because people can’t be in the gym, Marquis encourages them to find creative ways to workout at home.

“There are a lot of programs out there where you can get free content online on how to exercise, exercise for beginners and there’s a lot you can do with just your own body weight and couple bottles of water for weight and even rubber bands and things like that. You don’t require a large space to be able to work out,” he said.

For more information about staying healthy or just fitness and health tips in general, you can also check out Marquis’ YouTube channel.

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