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With gyms closed or at limited capacity due to the pandemic, people who love to exercise have been looking for creative ways to keep up a routine at home.

If you are one of those people, have you considered buying a trampoline?

And no, this isn’t referring to one of those large ones in the backyard that will attract all the neighborhood kids to your house.

While jumping on the big outdoor trampolines does offer some health benefits, so do the smaller versions that can be a simple, yet effective, part of any home gym.

Even better is that they’re light, easily storable and they can be a great way to exercise in a small space.

Here are five benefits of having a mini-trampoline and doing what’s called “rebounding exercises” on them, according to Vogue.

A study by NASA’s Journal of Applied Physiology found that rebounding is 68% more effective than jogging. It gets the heart going in a good way!

The cushion or “give” on a trampoline helps absorb the shock on the feet — way more than running on hard surfaces that don’t have such give.

In addition to helping the cardiovascular system, jumping on a mini-trampoline can stimulate the lymphatic system, a network of tissues and organs that helps get rid of unwanted materials in the body. This also helps strengthen the immune system.

Whether it’s back muscles, core muscles, legs or glutes, rebounding is an exercise that isn’t beneficial to just one area of the body or muscle group. It helps in a lot of places.

Spending time on a mini-trampoline does wonders for developing motor skills such as balance, coordination and agility, not to mention it just might help relieve anxiety symptoms.

Have you ever tried rebounding? If so, what are your favorite exercise routines to do on a mini-trampoline? Let us know in the comments below.

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