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Using a skipping rope is one of the easiest ways of exercising regularly. This affordable fitness gear is easy to use, can easily be incorporated with a variety of fitness routines and can be used by people of almost all age groups. While buying a skipping rope, it is important to go for the one that is of the right size for you. But, if you buy an adjustable skipping rope, anyone in your family can use it easily.

If you wish to buy an adjustable skipping rope because of its high utility feature, we have a list of some of the most popular options available for you. These ropes are durable for regular use and can easily fit in your budget.

If you want to buy a lightweight adjustable skipping rope, this one by Lifelong can be a good choice to buy online. The long handles with a lightweight rope allow speed jumping making the rope apt even for professionals. The rope is made of PVC and the slim handles can easily fit in your palms when you wish to train. The handles are contoured well. So, you need not worry about the grip when you are increasing your skipping speed.

Since this rope is an affordable one, you need not think too much about it before buying it online.

This stylish skipping rope by Boldfit can be another good choice for your exercise sessions at home. This durable skipping rope comes with anti-slip foam handles that ensure comfort when you are skipping. This PVC embedded rope is smooth and does not crack or break easily. So, you can use it for long without any worries and train hard every day to achieve your fitness goals.

If you wish to reduce the length of this skipping rope, you can open the screws on the back of the handles and cut the extra rope. So, you can easily customize the length whenever you want.

This lightweight skipping rope can be another good choice for people who are serious about their fitness or having cardio training sessions regularly. The wooden handles are comfortable to hold to avoid pain in your wrists and palms when you are exercising for long. This rope weighs around 100 gms can easily fit in your bag. So, you can carry your fitness gear wherever you go.

You can choose from the three colour combinations to buy a stylish skipping rope that matches well with your other accessories.

This rope has a classic design and can be another good choice if you wish to buy an adjustable skipping rope online. The rope is made with a combination of rubber and PVC to ensure durability. The wooden handles are connected with loops to allow the easy movement of the rope when you are exercising.

You can use this rope for toning your legs, working on your forearms and more depending on your needs.

Here is another affordable skipping rope that you can buy online to enjoy your fitness training sessions at home. The rope is made of durable rubber and the handles are made of plastic covered with foam. Since the handles are comfortable to hold, there is no excess pressure on your palms when you are skipping. The rope moves smoothly to let you focus on your skipping sessions and work out comfortably.

This is a lightweight rope. So, you can easily carry it in your bag and exercise even when you are away from home.

Have a look at more options in adjustable skipping ropes here.

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