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  • Want to improve your basic fitness or need sport-specific conditioning? Check out this ‘fun combo’ of Sophie Choudry and Yasmin Karachiwala as they perform MOTR workout during pilates session at the gym. Read benefits of this exercise form inside

By Zarafshan Shiraz

PUBLISHED ON JAN 23, 2021 01:16 PM IST

All through the Covid-19 lockdown, Bollywood actor Sophie Choudry kept fans hooked over her amazing pilates moves that encouraged many to stay ahead of their fitness game. Recently, the diva gave a glimpse of her pilates session at the gym with instructor Yasmin Karachiwala and their “fun combo” during the MOTR workout is enough to leaves fans charged up to hit the grind this weekend.

Taking to her social media handle, Sophie had shared a sneak peek of her intense exercise session where she and Yasmin were seen donning sporty athleisure look and raising the bar of fitness goals. Here are the three simple exercises they did:

1. Punching

Kneeling with the roller between their knees and the thighs hugging the MOTR to keep it stable, Sophie and Yasmin took the straps in their hands and bent the elbows while bringing the palms alongside their body facing upwards.

The two pressed an arm each, forward and rotated their palms towards the floor while pulling their other arm back behind the ribs. Sophie and Yasmin switched their arms and continued to punch, alternating arms each time while keeping the shoulders down and the chest open as their elbows straightened.


This pilates workout helps strengthens the arms and upper body, especially the chest and shoulders.

2. Rowing

Tilting their bodies forward and holding the roller in hand, the two fitness enthusiasts held the straps by their feet and pulled the roller back along the sides of the torso and the while lifting their arms up to the shoulders in rowing movements.


This pilates workout targets the arms and shoulders and strengthens them, especially the mid back and the back of the shoulders.

3. Side jumps

Moving at a faster tempo, Sophie and Yasmin placed the MOTR roller between their feet and stepped up on it with one foot alternately.


This pilates exercise not only strengthens ankles and feet but also builds core strength and stability and enhances balance and confidence.

Did you exercise today?

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