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Fitness enthusiast, former Bollywood actor and reality show judge Shilpa Shetty often takes to her social media to share her workout routine and diet tips to help her fans get fitter.

By | Edited by Alfea Jamal

PUBLISHED ON JAN 23, 2021 12:36 PM IST

Shilpa Shetty is known to be quite the fitness enthusiast and the yoga guru often takes to her social media to share her workout routine and diet tips to help her fans get fitter. In a recent post Shilpa can be seen deep squats that are very beneficial in strengthening one’s glutes, quads and core as well. Shilpa can be seen performing the exercise that she stated is great for digestive health, dressed in a pink tank top and black track pants from a picturesque location in Goa where she is currently taking a break. Taking to her Instagram the reality show judge wrote, “Connecting with nature and rejuvenating thoroughly was my only goal on this recent trip to Goa. Inhaling clean air and letting out all kinds of pent up stress is quite liberating. Add a little fitness routine to it, and you’re all set for the day ahead. This particular routine involved rolling down and coming back up in deep squats, followed by kneeling to come back into deep squats. It not only helps strengthen the glutes, quads, & core; but also improves one’s range of motion, breathing deeply & digestive health. For those interested in doing so, this routine effectively helps improve the body’s athletic performance!”

However the actor warned that those with lower back issues should avoid this exercise sharing, “People with lower back problems should not attempt this.”

Shilpa also took to her Instagram to share a recipe for the perfect concoction to ease acidity and indigestion. She posted the recipe with the caption, “Issues stemming from acidity & indigestion have increased immensely due to erratic eating habits and high stress levels. One of the easiest solutions to tackling these problems is consuming the Carom-Cumin-Fennel Seeds drink (CCF) regularly. I swear by this concoction! All you have to do is lightly roast equal parts of all three seeds, grind them to a fine powder, and store it in an airtight container. To consume it, add a teaspoon of this mixture to a glass water with a dash of lemon in it. It’s beneficial and effective!



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