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February 3, 2021

Roseville is committed to creating a community that is welcoming to people of all ages and abilities. One way the city is doing this is by expanding inclusive play opportunities and adding “fitness pods” in Central Park.

Fitness pods are stations that contain equipment that can be used for strength, stretching, or cardiovascular workouts. Studies show that outdoor fitness equipment can provide more equitable access to fitness opportunities. Outdoor fitness equipment can be operated by users of all ages and abilities.

The proposed pods will be approximately 150 square feet each. The current proposal is for three to four pods to be placed in Central Park. The city is seeking input from the community about the preferred pod types and the best location for the pods.

Please visit cityofroseville.com/3546/Fitness-Pods-in-Central-Park or contact Parks and Recreation Assistant Director Matthew Johnson at matthew.johnson@cityofroseville.com or 651-792-7102 for additional information and to provide input on the types of preferred fitness pods.

The project was developed in conjunction with the Friends of Roseville Parks (FOR Parks) and is being funded entirely by a donation that was facilitated by FOR Parks.

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