“It’s a very rare occasion that something like this may happen, but you can never be too prepared:” Airport conducts emergency response exercise Leave a comment

SALISBURY, Md.- Saturday the scene at the Salisbury Regional Airport was hectic as they conducted a Triennial Emergency Exercise.

” It’s a huge community effort and we have a number of volunteers that came today to play victims and to help carry out this exercise,” Tony Rudy, SBY Airport Manager, said.

This full scale emergency exercise includes the Airport, mutual aid departments, emergency services, and volunteers acting as if a plane crash happened.

By doing so, they are testing the effectiveness of written emergency response plans.

“It’s a good chance for us to practice what we would so we are prepared and so we can learn from any mistakes that might be made,” Rudy said.

One of the organizations who responds in these situations is the American Red Cross of Delmarva.

They help families who are waiting to hear about their loved ones in the event of a plan mishap.

I am told practicing for these events is crucial.

“If you do not exercise or plan these events, you’re not going to be as successful during an event,” Theresa Young, Executive Director of American Red Cross Delmarva, said. “As we do the exercises, we learn the gaps that we might need to fill in 21:01 and in every exercise we get even better at it.”

And while Saturday’s exercise was just practice, I am told there’s many lessons that can be learned.

“My hopes are that when we leave the exercise we understand how important it is to work collaboratively with all of our partners, and more so that all of the work and training that we put into place are validated,” Young said.

We are told this full scale exercise happens every three years.

They are required to do this by the Federal Aviation Administration.

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