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During March, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics invites everyone to focus on the importance of making informed food choices, by developing a nutritious eating plan. The group also encourages individuals and families to begin or continue regular physical activity.

Even with the best intentions, it is possible to have a weekly routine filled with work, appointments and errands interfere with regular physical activity, according to a news release from the academy. The beneficial effects of regular exercise are undeniable. Physical activity recommendations for adults includes at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise such as such as brisk walking or cycling or swimming, and two to three days of muscle-strengthening activities like resistance bands or weights.

The academy suggests people set aside some time to exercise either alone or with friends or family. This investment will contribute to your overall health. Make it a habit to do some sort of physical activity daily and the benefits will be worth the time and effort. Make exercise fun by choosing ways to move from childhood, incorporate music or simple props like balls, jump ropes and hula hoops.

As physical activity becomes a regular part of the day, the level of energy will increase, sleep quality will be enhanced and the whole body will gain strength and endurance. All that is needed is 10 minutes.

Here is a sample 10 minute mini-workouts: Take 10 minutes each in the morning, afternoon and evening to do some form of activity. This can include 10 minutes of body weight exercises (push-ups, crunches, lunges, squats, etc.) in the morning, a 10-minute brisk walk during your lunch break at work and 10 minutes of yoga-inspired stretching in the evening.

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