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Rabat – Qatar’s annual military exercise Impregnable Guard 2021 saw the participation of Moroccan Special Forces, among other military forces, hoping to enhance cooperation in battling terrorism.

Qatar hosted the Impregnable Guard 2021, also known as Al-Adheed 2021, within the framework of preparation to prevent any potential security threats during the 2022 FIFA World Cup hosted in the Gulf country.

Besides Qatar and Morocco, Italy, Jordan, Pakistan, Rwanda, Turkey, and the United States all took part in the military drills.

The exercises aimed to enhance military cooperation and the exchange of expertise between participating forces. The exchange of information allowed the forces to acquire skills concerning special operations and counter-terrorism, to enhance maritime security through securing territorial waters protection, as well as air infiltration and free jumping operations.

Qatar’s Joint Special Forces, Military Police, Amiri Air Force, Amiri Guard, Ministry of Interior, and the Internal Security Force (Lekhwia) all participated in the military exercises, according to Qatar News Agency.

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Most military exercises hosted in recent years by Qatar have been within the framework of risk-management during the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Morocco has been making concentrated efforts to increase international military cooperation in recent years. Earlier in the year, Morocco hosted troops from the American and French navies to participate in joint preparatory defense exercises off the African coast, strengthening its long-standing military relationships with the two global powers.

In addition, Morocco is taking part in the 2021 Obangame Express military exercise, the largest multinational maritime event in Western Africa. The event convened 32 participant countries and has been taking place from March 14-27 in the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Meanwhile, the North African country is also preparing to host the annual Morocco-US joint military training exercise “African Lion,” which will resume in June 2021, after having been reduced in scale in 2020 due to COVID-19.

“We face a number of shared challenges, [but the US and Morocco] will continue to capitalize on our already very strong relationship to meet these challenges,” said US General Andrew Rohling last November.

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