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TorroBand is a type of resistance band that allows users to get an entire workout without leaving their home or going to the gym. The band comes with three resistance weights (plus a bonus band as a promotional addition).

What is the TorroBand?

Anyone that wants to keep up with their fitness routine has to have a way to workout wherever they go. While it is easy to maintain healthy eating at restaurants and even the houses of other friends, working out isn’t quite as simple. Getting a run in nearby is usually the only way to do so, but this isn’t enough for anyone that wants to build muscle. Using the TorroBand gives the ability to workout with resistance bands wherever someone goes.

The TorroBand workout provides users with up to 350 lbs. of resistance on the incredibly strong bands, which can all be hooked to the included handles at the same time. However, since there are a total of four bands, consumers will have the ability to customize their weight resistance by taking off any of them. With a bag included, users can take the TorroBand anywhere. It doesn’t matter if the user is going on a trip or simply wants to get some fresh air; they can take the set of bands wherever they want to work out. Plus, when the bands aren’t in use, the bag provides easy storage wherever the user wants to place it. Even with all of the resistance weight offered with the bands, the entire set only actually weighs about 3 lbs., making it incredibly lightweight.

With sturdy patent-pending handles, the material is made of a triple-layer cloth and a carabiner hook that can hold all of the resistance that users place on it. Considering that so many handles nowadays have the cheap foam that simply starts to rip within only a few workouts, the TorroBand is a clear upgrade. However, due to the two layers of durable plastic, the handles are able to withstand the pressure of all of the resistance bands without slipping around. Only available on the official website, users will have access to the launch of new accessories that can go with this set as the brand expands.

How do TorroBand Resistance Bands Work?

As mentioned, Torrobands are newly developed resistance bands used in strength training and conditioning. They are easy to use, pack, and transport anywhere you go making them ideal for at home training routines.

Unlike many other “cheap” bands available on the market, Torrobands are built tough for extreme training. Like other bands, you can adjust the level of resistance by adding or removing bands from the grips. The bands are designed to be used by serious athletes, providing trainees with as much as 350lbs of resistance. 1-4 bands can be attached to the grips, each band adding a degree of resistance to increase the difficulty of the workout.

Resistance bands are not new by any means, finding quality bands can be challenging, most break easy and are not designed for serious athletes. In this review you will find out exactly why Torrobands may be the one piece of equipment that could change your routine and lead to the body transformation you desire.

By targeting muscles, creating an isolation workout, Torrobands allow you to build a bigger physique at home. Training muscles is the primary function of the bands, more so to help an individual develop strength without the use of heavy weightlifting. Resistance training has been used for centuries to help people improve their muscular physique. More importantly, resistance training has been proven to produce results. Four different sized bands are included in the package, each offering an increasingly difficult degree of toughness. With the new 3XBand you get more band resistance then any other band available on the market, according to my research.

The new launch bonus offers a discount so you can get the top tier package, including all levels of resistance: 40, 60, 70 and 80lbs for a total of 250 lbs. of resistance. While 250lbs is a lot, Torrobands can hold up to 350 lbs. of resistance safely. My guess is 250 lbs. is enough for most people, at least when first learning to use the bands. With the special offer available right now you can get a great deal. For the price of the regular 40, 60 and 70 lb package, including two handles, you will also receive the 80 lb band as well.

Something important to note is a remark made on the company website in reference to the highest level of resistance set at 350 lbs. The company states you can likely go above 350 lbs. if you desire, but you will likely not receive the same levels or resistance or appropriate range of motion as with lighter weights.

Torrobands is a patented product, using a unique system or triple-layer mesh stitched cloth handle and a carabiner hook to secure the bands to the grip. For any of you who have used resistance bands in the past, I am sure like me, you have had bands snap or break from time to time. These high-quality bands are designed to withstand tough workouts, making sure you do not have to worry about something snapping or breaking and potentially resulting in unwanted injury.

You can rest assured your money is well spent with a 60 day guarantee as well. If anytime during the first two months you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can send them back for a 100% full refund. I should also mention quickly, the above offer of four bands, 40, 60, 70 and 80 lbs. is only available for a limited time on the company website at You are not going to find a better resistance band anywhere on the planet according to the company who designed them.

Purchasing TorroBand

For a limited time, customers can get an $80 discount on the TorroBand, bringing down the overall price to $119. The discount is a combination of two different promotions – $30 off the retail cost of the TorroBand and a free 3XBAND (retail value: $50) added to the existing kit. The sale won’t last long, but every user gets everything that they need in the kit to workout (including a travel bag).

If the user finds that the TorroBand is not the right option for their fitness needs, they have up to 60 days to request a refund.

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About the Warranty

To ensure that users get the best performance out of their products, the creators leave the opportunity open to replace their bands if they become damaged or broken. The warranty covers the first two years of use. However, to redeem this warranty, users have to order through the official website.

Frequently Asked Questions About the TorroBand

Who Makes Torrobands?

Torrobands are designed to by a team of athletes, personal trainers and sports physicians who have spent considerable time researching the best way to manufacture resistance bands for personal or professional use. They have paid special attention to a few fundamental points of their bands, helping them stand aside from the other flimsier bands available on the market today.

Handles for example were built for comfort, grip, and durability. You are not going to have to worry about the bands slipping out or them breaking during use. Any sweat is safely absorbed by the comfy foam grips, helping you avoid costly slips that lead to injury. The quality of the product is good enough for them to take a patent out on it, a costly feat by any means, showing the level of involvement and research that went into designing them. Avoiding injury is the most important point the makers of Torroband had in mind, followed by comfort and performance.

You can perform any number of different workouts with the bands. The handles easily slide around making it simple to stretch them from any possible direction. You can easily achieve a total body workout from anywhere with the bands. Physical fitness is important, even if you are not an athlete, but sometimes you do not want to head to the gym. Some people never want to go the gym and would rather spend their time working out at home.

Different types of workouts are important as well. Resistance training should be incorporated into any training regiment to create muscle confusion and help muscles grow in different ways. Training the same way every time causes muscle memory to take over leading to plateaus. A plateau is when an individual reaches a training limit, seemingly unable to progress to higher levels of resistance. By switching it up, you can avoid this all-too-common problem.

What do consumers get with the purchase of the TorroBand?

The TorroBand set includes a bag that contains three different attachments and two handles that can be used with the four resistance bands. The resistance bands offer 40, 60, 70, and 80 lbs. of pressure for the user.

How long will users still be able to get a discount on the TorroBand set?

The promotion is only offered for a limited time because it is part of the way that the brand is advertising the launch of the 80-lb. resistance band.

Where do orders ship from?

Every order is shipped out of Florida, and consumers are provided with a tracking number.

What if one of the resistance bands breaks?

That is not a problem. The company offers a two-year warranty on the products, allowing users to get a replacement at no extra cost.

How should the TorroBand be used?

Users can visit YouTube to stream instruction videos. The creators are still working to develop their own series of videos for further instruction.

The customer service team can be reached with any other questions or concerns by sending an email to or call (888) 631-5646.


TorroBand provides users with an easy way to improve their muscle mass without investing in expensive and heavy equipment. Though it is geared towards men, the benefit of the bands is that they can offer the same support for women who want to tone their body as well. Each band has different amount of resistance that it offers, which works for individuals who are just starting or more experienced fitness enthusiasts. Plus, this set comes with an incredible 2-year warranty that isn’t available anywhere else.

You can buy the bands on the company website for the best deal. It is the only site where you get the deal with the highest level of resistance for the lowest cost. The limited time offer will give you 4 bands, 40, 60, 70 and 80 lbs., plus two handles and a bag for the low cost of $119. It is a great deal, but if you act now, you also get two ankle straps, one door hook and another bag to carry it all in at no additional cost. There is a 60-day money back guarantee if you end up not liking the product and a two-year warranty if your bands break. Water damage is not covered by the warranty.

There are several reviews you can read online, all of which are good. The bands are made to a high standard, higher than most of the cheap bands you see online. I am a health nut of sorts, constantly trying the newest products and fads. In my opinion and the opinion of countless others, Torrobands are a solid fitness product and ideal for anyone looking to get a good workout at home without getting bored of the same routine every day. You can buy with the limited time promotional offer at

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