‘Surfing is not deemed exercise’: Confusion mounts over lockdown rules Leave a comment

There is growing confusion about some of the rules being enforced during the Perth and Peel lockdown.

Under the states lockdown restrictions Western Australians are allowed to leave the home for one hour of exercise.

Scarborough local Tania Edwards said she was left confused after seeing police tell surfers the sport is not classified as exercise.

She shared a video of the encounter to social media which shows police telling beachgoers “surfing is not deemed exercise, be responsible and go home.”

“We saw this police boat coming along shouting with his bull horn,” she told 6PR’s Liam Bartlett.

“I think the government is doing a great job, but I just thought that was a bit strange.”

The state government have been contacted for comment.

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(Credit: Tania Robbins/ Facebook) 

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