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Whether you are a beginner in yoga or a professional, if you are comfortable using a thin yoga mat, you will not want to make a switch to the thick one. Moreover, thin yoga mats are easy to fold and carry to allow you to take the yoga mat along wherever you go. If you are looking for a thin yoga mat online, there are plenty of options available these days with a 6 mm thickness.

To help you buy a good yoga mat for beginners, we have a list of some of the most popular options in thin yoga mats. Have a look at this list of trusted options and go for the yoga mat that you find perfect for your yoga routine.

Popular thin yoga mats with their materials


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This thin yoga mat is one of the most popular choices in India if you are looking for one with a 6 mm thickness. This yoga mat has a textured surface and stays flat when unrolled. So, you can start your yoga session every morning without any delay. This high-density mat is easy to clean and is free from odour. So, you can comfortably have your yoga sessions every day even if you sweat too much.

This mat is a tear-resistant one to ensure durability. Since it is available in more than 10 colours, you have plenty of options to choose from.

This yoga mat can be another thin and lightweight option that will offer you the necessary comfort level to perform yoga asanas with ease. This dual-coloured yoga mat has the dimensions of 6 x 2 ft making it apt for almost everyone. Available with a carry case, you can easily take your yoga mat to open ground or your yoga classes whenever you need to exercise.

This mat is made of eco-friendly material and is almost 5 times more durable than a regular plastic mat. To clean the mat, you can easily wash it with soap and water whenever you want.

This yoga mat is another affordable option that you can consider buying online. This thin mat is great for stability to allow you to maintain stability when you are performing difficult yoga asanas. The textured surface makes this yoga mat slip-resistant and let you be stable while doing yoga.

This mat is available in multiple colours and is meant for handwash. So, you can conveniently wash your yoga mat whenever you want.

When it comes to fitness gear or accessories, Strauss has been a trusted name in India for years. This mat is made of eco-friendly material and is a durable choice to consider buying online. This mat is free from latex, toxins, PVC, lead and more to let you make an environment-friendly purchase easily.

Since it is a skin-friendly material, you need not worry about skin allergies, excessive sweating or infections while using this mat for your yoga or pilates session. The non-slip design of this mat will give you the required stability when you are doing yoga asanas at home.

This 6 mm yoga mat can be another good choice to consider if you want to buy a thin yoga mat online. This yoga mat is apt for in-home sessions, yoga classes, pilates training sessions and regular exercises making it suitable for almost all your needs. This soft and durable mat is comfortable for exercising every day.

The cushioning design and textured surface provide the necessary support that you need while doing difficult exercises or yoga asanas. You can choose from the two available colours to go for the mat that matches your other yoga accessories.

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