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Third-party accessory maker Hori lists a Ring Fit Adventure Exercise Mat for Nintendo’s sweat-inducing action role-playing game.

A new Ring Fit Adventure peripheral is currently available for pre-order. Third-party accessory maker Hori has just listed the Ring Fit Adventure Exercise Mat, a cushioned add-on to go alongside the sweat-inducing RPG

Ring Fit Adventure has been a bit of a surprise hit, as the game especially took off during the 2020 quarantine period. The exercise mat to go alongside Ring Fit Adventure is currently only available in Japan. The game is one of the better selling games in the country, and Ring Fit Adventure even appeared in a health magazine in Japan.

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The Hori Ring Fit Adventure Exercise Mat is basically a yoga mat. It can be folded for more support when exercising and rolled up for travel needs and easy storage. The padded and lined design should also provide grip, which can be helpful with playing some of the intense games in Ring Fit Adventure

The mat’s dimensions are 610 mm x 1,800 mm. When spread out, it has a thickness of 4 mm and a thickness of 8 mm when folded. The Hori mat will officially go on sale on July 2 in Japan but can be pre-ordered right now. It costs ¥6,470, which comes out to about $57 USD; a bit on the pricier side for a yoga-style mat that can be purchased on Amazon.

What many players of Nintendo’s exercise RPG may be surprised to learn is just how much of a workout the game provides, even without the need of modifying Ring Fit Adventure into exercise bikes for Mario Kart. Hori is smart to sell a mat to go alongside the game, as there are likely plenty of fans who will be interested in picking it up.

Ring Fit Adventure is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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Source: Famitsu via NintendoWire

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