What Kind Of Weight-Bearing Exercise Is Best For Osteoporosis? Leave a comment

This episode of the “Strength Changes Everything” podcast really caught my attention, because I am in my mid-50s and have a family history of osteoporosis. I have often wondered how much and what types of exercise I need to prevent osteoporosis, as well as how stronger muscles help bone health? 

“Strength Changes Everything” podcast co-hosts Brian Cygan, Exercise Coach founder, and Amy Hudson, an Exercise Coach franchisee, explain how strength training improves every system of the body for the better, including the skeletal system.

  • Increased strength helps to improve balance, preventing falls and lowering the risk of bone fracture.
  • Muscles act as a shock absorber and help protect the bones from high impact force.
  • Strength training for bone health needs to be site-specific and load-dependent to benefit the bones that need to be strengthened.
  • Meaningful strength training creates the metabolic stimulus required to release the hormones that benefit bone health.

These benefits apply to both the prevention and reversal of osteoporosis. Building stronger bones takes time, and weight-bearing exercise is the lead domino that improves balance, strength and bone density.  

To learn more, listen to episode 15 of “Strength Changes Everything.”

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