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DARKE COUNTY — Among the many holidays to celebrate throughout the year, May 5 is a truly “stand out” day, with Cinco de Mayo (of course), “Revenge of the Fifth” (for Star Wars Fans, which follows “May the Fourth”), National Cartoonist’s Day, and “Hug a Shed and Take a Selfie” day (yes, it is real).

Yet, as we look forward to more gatherings, freedom and fun this month, there is one unusual holiday that occurs every May 5 that we can all celebrate with gusto – “The Great American Grump-Out.”

Believing that everyone can reduce stress, anxiety and irritability by maintaining a positive attitude, Kent State University graduate and entrepreneur, Janice A. Hathy, in 2002, decided to encourage those in her community to become aware of the health concerns raised from holding onto stress and negative attitudes which may suppress the immune system and cause higher blood pressure. Asking everyone to refrain from negative behavior and attitudes for a 24-hour period, Hathy declared May 5 as “The Great American Grump-Out” – a day of positivity, humor, laughter, and “lightening up.”

While many experiences can cause someone to become irritable, a grumpy attitude is more often an overreaction to everyday stress. Great “grumps” from popular culture include Lucy (from the Peanuts), Oscar the Grouch ( from Sesame Street), Grumpy (from Disney’s Snow White), or Ebeneezer Scrooge (from Dickens’ A Christmas Carol).

A few great ways to combat the crabbiness might be going outdoors, taking a walk and getting some exercise, connect with others by calling, meeting a friend for coffee or meeting for lunch, do something for others, like volunteering at the food pantry, helping an elderly neighbor, or surprising someone with brownies or cookies.

Perhaps, continue the positivity throughout the weekend by taking the opportunity to go mini-golfing (which has its own special holiday on May 8), bowling (which has its own special day August 14), and corn-hole tossing (celebrated on June 26). Whatever the weather, take advantage of each moment to live, laugh and love.

McBo’s Lanes and Purfect Putts Patio, located at 498 W Main Street in Versailles, offers families a wide range of opportunities to relax and enjoy those spring and summer days, no matter what the weather. Featuring 12 bowling lanes with automatic scoring, McBo’s invites families to come experience the covered patio, scenery, pizza,and (coming soon) an open corn-hole area. A family summer adventure starts by getting the McBo’s Summer Pass ($99.), which allows one to bowl up to three games every day, from May through September. For more information, call McBo’s manager, Keith Bohman, at 937-526-4938, or visit

Challenging “putt-putt” courses can be found in Darke County and throughout the region. The Caddie Shack, located at 350 N Ohio Street, has been a popular Greenville location, for over 36 years, open to golfers of all ages and skills, whether on the course or at the range. 18 holes of mini-golf can be played for just $2.50 per person. For seasonal hours, just call Bob at 937-548-4268.

Pla-More Lanes and Adventure Golf, located at 225 Hardin Street in Coldwater, is another regional family favorite, offering seasonal mini-golf and bowling. For more information about the upcoming mini-golf season, just call 419-678-4767, or visit

Last (but not least) who could ever forget Udders and Pudders, located at the Young’s Jersey Dairy, 6880 Springfield-Xenia Road, in Yellow Springs. Offering two farm-themed putt-putt courses, families are sure to experience all the fun of the summer. For more information and hours, call 937-325-0629, or visit

Turn that frown around on “The Great American Grump-Out,” a day which celebrates a “grump-free” 24 hour period each year on May 5, encouraging positivity, laughter, and stress-reducing activities, such as exercise and volunteering.

Families and friends, like these pictured at McBo’s Lanes and Purfect Putts Patio (located at 498 W Main Street in Versailles), can combine fun and exercise by going bowling, sitting out on the covered patio, eating McBo’s famous pizza, and playing corn hole. For more information, just call McBo’s Keith Bohman at 937-526-4938, or visit

Carol Marsh covers community interest stories and handles obituaries for Darke County Media. She can be contacted by email at or by phone at 937-569-4314.

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