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Sometimes it’s easy to forget that humans are not just bright primates with guns.  Case in point, in 1674, Anton van Leeuwenhoek gave germ theory a big boost when he wrote detailed reports about microscopic organisms for the Royal Society in London.  Edward Jenner immunized a child with vaccinia virus demonstrating the effectiveness of vaccination against the dreaded scourge of smallpox in 1798.

Time marches on and over two centuries later in a country that claims near universal literacy, there are still very late adopters among us.  Misguided individuals endorse outlandish fictions, often connected to implausible conspiracies, or ungrounded fears about vaccination safety, even in light of significant evidence to the contrary.

As we merrily row our sinking boats down the stream of life, the Anthropocene Extinction, directly related to centuries of human greenhouse gas production, continues its relentless onslaught destroying life on this beautiful blue dot. Closer to home, there is something that you can easily do to help stem the tide of the pandemic.

Americans enjoy unprecedented levels of liberty, not the antiquated Second Amendment variety, but freedom to do the right thing, to help suppress communicable diseases, not to spread them.  We are all DNA based creatures and for better or worse, all life forms on this planet are closely related.

Do your part and get vaccinated, rather than becoming an incubator for COVID-19 variants which may lead to another outbreak.

Thank you, for your time and attention.

— Roland Lamarine, Chico


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