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If there’s one exercise that should win the gold for its impressive list of benefits — and minimal risks — it’s walking. Plus it’s convenient (just think, no equipment!) and it’s contraindicated for very few conditions and comorbidities.

You may be wondering: If it’s an activity that can help someone in their nineties stay fit — can it really provide benefits for everyone?

Yes, people of all ages and fitness levels, from newbies to elite-level athletes, can get many of the same benefits running provides by doing walking workouts — with the right techniques.

The Health Benefits of Walking

Truth is, walking and running share numerous pros, with one main difference. “Although both activities work the same muscles and joints, burn calories, and strengthen the heart and lungs, they differ in impact,” says Juliet Kaska, a Los Angeles–based ACE- and NASM-certified personal trainer and the founder of Juliet Kaska’s Zen Fitness.

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