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Dr Ben Kelly referenced an isometric handgrip device – a relic from the 70s – that you only need to squeeze and hold repeatedly to lower blood pressure. You “do literally nothing else”, he said. The device was originally intended to help fighter pilots temporarily boost their blood pressure to avoid passing out from the atmosphere. However, using the handgrip over a sustained period of time was shown to lower blood pressure.

This move should be done four times on each hand, which can be done while watching TV, for example.

It’s important to take a “rest day” each week, which means not using the handgrip device for 24 hours.

Dr Kelly did emphasise that this technique is not a replacement for diet and physical activity – it’s complementary.

With a good exercise plan, it’s possible to reduce the risk of premature death in middle age by 30 percent in 12 weeks.

“We all differ in response time and you may simply just need a little longer to adapt,” he said.

As well as using a handheld grip device – especially handy when it’s cold, wet or rainy outside – you will need to eat a healthy diet.

This will involve eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, nuts, pulses and oily fish.

In addition, walking around the supermarket, shops, or going for a walk are all good ways to lower blood pressure.

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