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The Elite Sportz Sliders are for people of any fitness level. They reduce impact on your knees, ankles, and hips while challenging your balance during several types of workout moves. For example, you can hold yourself in a plank position while the balls of your feet are on the workout sliders and use your ab muscles to pike your bottom upwards as your feet glide easily across the floor, working your entire core. If you’ve ever piked before, you know exactly how hard this is. 

Buy It! Elite Sportz Sliders, $8.45 (orig. $11.97);

“I HIGHLY recommend these,” one shopper writes. “I’m shocked at how much my workouts have changed using these. They make them a lot more challenging and I use a lot of different muscles than I’m used to.”

The ab sliders from Elite Sportz are designed to work on any type of flooring, whether you have hardwood, carpet, or a rubberized gym floor — just flip them over depending on the type of surface you’re on — and small enough to toss into a bag and take with you wherever you like to work out. The exercise sliders come in five colors, all of which are discounted by nearly 33 percent, making them much more affordable than similar sliders sold by popular workout programs. 

“Save your time searching for other sliders and purchase these,” one shopper titled their review, before continuing, “I was concerned over what the quality of the product would be, but those concerns were quickly laid to rest… Highly recommend.”

Grab your own set of Elite Sportz Sliders to take your home workouts to the next level while they’re on sale at Amazon. 

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