Rising ER Doctors Take Part in Emergency Training Exercise at Miami-Dade Park – NBC 6 South Florida Leave a comment

More than 30 medical residents working at Kendall Regional Medical Center took part Wednesday in a unique training on emergencies that may take place outside the building.

The future emergency doctors participated in a ‘search and rescue’ exercise that simulated injuries, such as drownings and broken bones, during the event at Oleta River State Park.

“Someone says ‘is there a doctor in the house’ and we’re the ones that have to respond,” said Nick Ellis, the rising chief of emergency room residents. “Knowing how to deal with an environment which you don’t necessarily have a CT scanner in your back pocket is something that’s critical.”

For the fourth year, team members were told to bring a bag with items that they need – including items to stop bleeding or resuscitate a victim.

“We teach people to learn in obscure environments and deliver care right there, where it’s needed and where it can make a huge difference in saving a life,” said Dr. Robert Levine, the chair of emergency medicine at FIU.

Levine said he helped develop these type of trainings to make sure these residents can learn real life scenarios where seconds matter.

“That’s what they’re training to do. They’re training to be able to go out and handle anything, anytime, any place,” he said.

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